WCA 2-Day Summer Lab Intensives
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Registered attendees will be contacted concerning cancellations, refunds, or new dates.
2-Day Lab Intensives: Students will complete a full year of labs for Biology or Chemistry in two intense days. All lab supplies, lab manual, and two days of in-person instruction are included in the fee for the lab intensive. These lab intensives are high school-level labs, and are open to any student able to complete high school level work.

What is provided to students: Each student will receive a lab manual, apron, safety glasses, and all the supplies and specimens needed for the labs.

  • In addition, students will be given access to our online classroom for additional lab and class resources. They will remain a part of this virtual classroom for up to 6 months after the intensive, and are able to submit a formal lab for review at any time during that period. 

At the end of the intensive, students will have a full lab manual to show for their hard work and will have earned a full year of lab credit. Credit can also be issued from Williamsburg Classical Academy upon request.

2020 Dates: 

BIOLOGY - WED & THURS, May 20th & 21st, 2020


Times: 9am - 4pm

Location: Williamsburg Church of Christ

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for these intensives. All introductory instruction will be provided. Feel confident that taking these intensives before, during, or after the class will be beneficial.

Cost of each intensive: $250 per camper; campers bring their own snacks, lunch and drinks.  Please remember we are a NUT FREE campus - no nuts or nut products, please.

Cost Using the 2-Payment Plan: Make 2 payments of $125. Using our 2-Payment Plan allows you to reserve your seat using 2 affordable installments. Payments for the second plan payment will be invoiced directly and will be due on or before May 10tH.

PLEASE, Use the Biology registration form to register for the Biology lab intensive and the Chemistry registration form to register for the Chemistry lab intensive.

Lab Sessions:​

1) Biology and AP Biology Labs: 


BIOLOGY - WED & THURS, May 20th & 21st, 2020

Our Biology lab intensives will be taught by Jenean Flanagan is a health psychologist, who worked for the Institute for Social and Behavioral Research and then for the state of North Carolina in the maternal genetic health department prior to staying home to homeschool. She has taught psychology and health at Kansas State University, to nursing students at Manhattan Technical College, and research methods to medical students at the University of Oklahoma. Her research has included sickle cell disease, prostate cancer, organ donation, and MRI studies of affect in medical decision making.  

In this lab intensive, students will learn to write college-quality lab reports, conduct hands-on experiments, and think critically as a scientist.  

  • Six different animals will be dissected in an autopsy procedure at a level that is found in college. 

  • Each student will do his or her own blood typing and DNA extraction, pulmonary analysis  as well as a ten parameter urinary analysis. 

  • Genetics, diseased and healthy lungs, pancreas response, urinary system and more will be studied. 

2) Chemistry & AP Chemistry Labs: 


This class will be taught by our resident industrial hygienist and engineer, Mrs. Jackson. Mrs. Jackson has worked as an environmental consultant specializing in hazardous material and hazardous waste management for over 15years before coming to teach at WCA. 

Here's what is covered in this intensive:

  • Introduction to Scientific Thinking 

  • Lab Equipment identification and general lab safety

  • Producing a college-quality lab report

  • Separation of mixtures

  • Titration

  • Density

  • Temperature, Solubility, and Bonding

  • Kinetics

  • Colligative Properties

  • Redox Reactions

  • Solubility Rules

  • Atomic Structure and Chemical Measurement

  • Specific Heat

  • Equilibrium 

  • Students will learn how to prepare and critique college-quality lab reports

  • Students will record their experiment data, graphs, etc. in their lab manual 

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Driving Directions

​The camp will take place at our main campus, Williamsburg Church of Christ.

Need a list of lodging? We are nearest The College of William and Mary. Accommodation List

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Chemistry Lab Set-Up
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