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Williamsburg Classical Academy (WCA) is a coeducational, independent college preparatory community for homeschool and independently tutored students, serving Grades Pre-K through 12. WCA is the product of a desire for an environment that encourages independent discovery under a classical umbrella. WCA presents a challenging, enriching environment inspiring life-long achievers.

We fully believe that students should have the opportunity to pursue their own interests, at their own pace, and our custom approach to academics allows just that.


Our Mission

Williamsburg Classical Academy seeks to actively equip students to pursue any endeavor with wisdom, creativity, leadership, and success.

Our History

Williamsburg Classical Academy was founded in 2008. It is a cooperative employing a classical philosophy of education using a university and Socratic independent study model for all grades. Our program was founded on the principle that every student can achieve academic and personal success with guidance and independence to develop and pursue passions. 

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