Mid year registration is now OPEN!  Please pay attention to which classes are, and are not available!  Ask ALL questions prior to registering as the registration fee is NON REFUNDABLE.
Welcome to Williamsburg Classical

The admissions process for new families is a competitive one. We have a short application that will begin the process.  For online only families you have short registration form to complete for admission. Prior to beginning the application for either in-person or online only, please be sure that you have read our Parent & Student Handbook. Registration fees are non-refundable.

Our Admissions Board will contact you after receiving your application to ensure that WCA is a good fit for your student and your family. We will also discuss any placement or academic considerations at that time. 

Yearly registration for in-person WCA Family Membership for Existing Members is $155. Full YEAR In -person New member Registration is $180. The registration fee now includes the volunteer deposit of $25 which is refunded after 2 hours of service is completed. Each family is required to volunteer 2 hours per semester only in order to have their $25 volunteer deposit refunded. Otherwise, the volunteer deposit becomes a kind donation.  Online only Full-year registration is $55.


Registration Fees must be paid upon completion of the Registration form. The Registration fee is used to pay for WCA's administrative expenses: building costs, insurance, scholarships, and other operating expenditures. This fee allows you to take classes at our in-person campus location in Williamsburg, as well ONLINE. Online campus classes take place on Wednesday's and  Friday's and the Williamsburg campus has classes on Tuesday's and Thursday's. This fee, however,  is separate from class fees. The fee is charged per family, not per student. Classes are priced at $35-$85/month per class on average.


All New Member Applicants will be contacted to schedule an in-person interview prior to registering for classes. At that interview, necessary paperwork and information including the above Registration Paperwork will be reviewed and collected. 


Email: admissions@williamsburgclassicalacademy.org

FALL 2021 Class 


Fall Fully Online Classes

First week of all classes is January  11th.


Membership Registration Information 

FALL 2021 Member Registration OPENS

March 9th


Online ONLY Registration

Families who will only take classes ONLINE ONLY.


Registration Information 

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