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Williamsburg Classical Academy 2024 Prom
Registration Info
* * Please Read Carefully * *   

You are invited to attend this wonderful event created for WCA teens
and their guests ages
14 - 19 

***Please note, this is not a public event.  Due to the 
number of members at WCA the 2024 Prom is
limited to members and their guests only.***

Venue:  Ford's Colony Country Club
240 Fords Colony Drive
Williamsburg, VA 23185

Follow Signs for Entry
Thursday, April 25, 2024
Entire Event Time - 6:30pm - 10:30pm 
Check In - 6:30pm
Includes Senior Recognition 
Dinner and Prom - 6:30pm-10:30pm

Ticket Prices*: Early Bird until February 15th $50 WCA Members, $60 Guests 
After February 15th, tickets are $55 WCA Members, $65 Guests until sold out
Tickets are sold online or CASH only at WCA Snack Bar.  
(Dates/times posted in the WCA Facebook Group.) 

We are typically sold out by April 1st.  
*Tickets are nonrefundable*  

The WCA Prom Committee is making every effort to ensure a wonderful and safe evening for all in attendance. There will be chaperones and security throughout the evening to ensure that the Dress Code and Code of Conduct are followed. 

All attendees must be pre-registered and paid by April 20th. No walk-ins.  No exceptions.  Couples or dates are not required. 

Ticket includes decorated ballroom, dinner, photobooth pictures, DJ, dance, security, punch, Coat/Purse/Backpack/Bag Check, ice water, tea, door prizes.  There is no reduced pricing available for teens who choose not to partake in any portion of the evening.   

By signing the WCA Prom Registration Agreement, parents and teens agree to abide by the Dress Code and Code of Conduct as stated below, and agree not to hold WCA, the WCA Prom Committee, organizers, chaperones, event facility, facility employees, or professional DJ responsible for attendee’s conduct or that of anyone else in attendance at the Prom.   
Dress Code:  Formal Attire. (Corsages/boutonnières are not necessary, but encouraged.)  

• Young ladies:  Evening gowns (floor-length recommended). Whether a dress or pantsuit, formal wear is required. Practice dancing in your dress to make sure everything stays in place.  If not, use pins, dress tape, and/or a shawl, tighten the straps, etc.  (Parents:  Strapless dresses look nice in pictures, but they don’t always stay in place while dancing and playing party games.  Please be respectful of the other prom attendees.  Make sure your daughter’s dress stays in place or make changes.)
• Young men:  Suits, tuxedos, or dress shirts/dress pants.  Wear a tie, belt, and dress shoes. 
Code of Conduct:  For discipline issues, we will use the 2-Strike Warning: 1st strike we warn you, and 2nd strike parent is called to come and take you home. 
We expect proper behavior at all times.  

• No weapons, smoking, alcohol, drugs, or intoxication allowed.  
• No inappropriate language, including swearing, vulgarities, name-calling, belittling, bathroom humor, etc.  
• No inappropriate physical contact or displays of affection with others, including kissing, sitting on laps, provocative dancing, & pushing others on the dance floor.  
• Chaperones/Security reserve the right to remove and send home any attendee if their attire, speech, and/or behavior is deemed inappropriate. Again, the 2-Strike rule applies.
• Parents will be notified if an attendee needs a ride.  If illegal activity occurs, proper authorities will be summoned.  
• WCA Prom attendees are not allowed to leave and return to the dance.  
• No backpacks or bags are allowed inside the Prom (small purses are okay). Coat/Bag Check is available. 
• The safety and security of anything cannot be guaranteed by anyone.  
The Evening of Prom:  

• 6:00 p.m.   Prom Check in begins.  
Parents may not be inside the prom venue, per our insurance and contract requirements.  No exceptions.  Parents who require contact with their teen can request their teen at the Security Check-In Area, and the teen will be summoned from the Ballroom. 

Prom attendees may take photos all night long.  We will have a professional photographer available for hire to take individual and group photos.  Advanced reservations are required for time with the professional photographer.  Photographer, costs, and package information will be included with your Prom Confirmation email. Photobooth pictures will be free.

• 10:30 p.m.   Prom ends.  Parents, please be on site 10 minutes early to pick up your teen(s). 

Registration Agreement must include:   
1. Parent/guardian phone number/emergency contact number for Prom night 
2. Teen’s contact information  
3. One registration form must be submitted for each attendee.  
4. Signatures of parent/guardian and teen  
5. WCA teen members and their guests 18 and over still need to provide parent/guardian signatures, approval of guests, and emergency contact information for the Prom night.  Homeschooled teens are considered students under parental purview.   
Fees are nonrefundable. If you must sell your ticket, please contact the Prom Chairman at  
The WCA Prom Committee reserves the right to refuse to accept the registration of any person without a reason given.  In the event this happens, the registration fee will be returned. 
Music:  WCA Prom attendees may request songs for the dance at the time of registration and payment.  We will not accept requests the night of the Prom to avoid the risk of accidentally playing songs with inappropriate song lyrics.   
Our shared values recognize the dignity and self-worth of the individual. This event is viewed as an opportunity for WCA teens and their guests to socialize in a fun, supervised, and safe setting.  Behavior and attire of attendees should reflect these guiding principles.  

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