Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What is Williamsburg Classical Academy?

Williamsburg Classical Academy is a homeschool cooperative and supportive homeschool community. We offer k-12 classes, programs, competitions, honor societies, and events. We are a private, non-profit organization. We have NO employees. All teachers and leadership are volunteers. All of our events, programs, and fundraising are organized by our dedicated volunteers.

Is WCA a faith-based community?

No. WCA is an inclusive, neutral program that welcomes families and students of all religions, personal beliefs, cultures, and backgrounds. Although our school meets in 2 church locations, we are not affiliated with any church or location, and are grateful for their caring and open-minded support of our diverse community. We are first and foremost a place of academic and social support for ALL homeschool students. Our goal is to educate your child so that they are ready for the next step in life. Whether it is high school, college, or trade school, our goal is to academically prepare your child to meet the challenge.

Who are your instructors?

WCA is an academic cooperative with recruited teachers from the entire Hampton Roads area. However, most teachers are homeschool parents at WCA. Parents do not take turns teaching classes at WCA. Instead, our teachers apply to teach classes that they are not only excited to teach, but are also qualified to teach. Our teachers are chosen for their expertise, education, knowledge, skills and abilities in a particular subject area. In addition, they will love what they do and are able to share that passion with our students. Over 96% of WCA teachers will have a Bachelor's degree or greater in their field.

Is WCA a drop-off program or must I stay on-site with my student?

Yes! WCA is an entirely drop-off program for teens 13 and up. For younger students, parents may drop off students with back-to-back classes. However, if they have a break between classes, you will need to be onsite to ensure they reach their next class on-time. Parents are never required to sit-in with students during classes.

Can non-WCA families take part in some WCA events and activities?

Yes! Our Welcome Back Assembly, prom, used curriculum sale, milestone graduation, lab intensives, Camps, summer Park and Playground Days are open to all homeschool familes whether they are WCA members or not. We are a welcolming supportive community for all homeschoolers!

What can I expect at a WCA admissions in-take conference?

We take time to meet every single new family that joins the WCA community. It is a huge under-taking each year, but it is important to us that you feel welcome and acclimate quickly to your new community. The in-take conference is your opportunity to have all of your questions answered about our classes, instructors, and homeschooling at WCA in general. We want to make sure we are a fit for your family!

Am I required to volunteer?

Yes and No! Each family is required to volunteer 2 hours per semester in order to have their $25 volunteer deposit refunded. Otherwise, the volunteer deposit becomes a kind donation.

WCA has Online Classes? How do they work?

WCA online classes are available to any student with internet. These classes will be delivered entirely online. No in-person interaction is expected or required. Classes will be delivered via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Each instructor is free to choose the platform best suited for their class. Members who already join us for in-person classes have access to both types of classes. Online members have access to online classes only. Online only families should register using the Online Only registration Form.