10th Annual WCA Curriculum Sale



Day of Sale - Tuesday, May 21st

Sale: 9am - 2pm


UCS SALE: Drop off day for Sorting - Monday May 20th , 2019 9:30- 1pm

A 15% commission will be charged on all items sold (10% for WCA members). The Seller's Agreement will be emailed once registration is complete. 


Tags: They need to be at least 1" x 2" and securely attached on 2 sides ONLY!  Tags must be able to be removed by sale staff!  Do NOT use stickers or address labels directly on materials. 

Tags must clearly include your name and a price. We have no discount pricing. One price lasts the entire day of the sale. 

Many sellers who hope to leave our sale and go to HEAV's USC will use their tags, but it is not required. If you use the HEAV tags, we sell it at the Friday price only.

Tuesday, May 21st, open from 9-2 For Purchases:

Pick-up by 3:00p. Gleaning will take place at and after 2:30p for all items designated for gleaning.


Williamsburg Church of Christ
227 Merrimac Trail
Williamsburg, VA 23815 US

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